The fundamental basis of the performance is the human body in all its glory and ugliness. 
As the human body is at the heart of SOMA, our dictionary of the physical movement within the performance is defined by its abilities and inabilities. We ask ourselves what the human body is capable of expressing and what are its limitations. We use parts of a mannequin in order to shed light on the imperfections of the body contrasting with the seemingly perfect and proportionate pieces of plastic. We conclude that in spite of its flawlessness, the mannequin remains cold, breathless and soulless. The mannequin is meant to function as a memento to the mankind and thereby, it is to reflect upon the current trend of worshiping perfection and outer beauty while forgetting about the real values and inner beauty.  We have become colder, we care less and without realising it, we have transformed to be more robot-like than ever before. We are slowly, but surely losing what makes us human.

„Martin Talaga and his dancers prove that the physical possibilities of imperfect human bodies have almost no limits, and it depends on the imagination of the choreographer, what they are subjected to.“
Helena Kozlová,

„In conjunction with the detailed work of the performers and the "space" captivating music, the creators managed to create a comprehensive picture of one of the most fundamental questions of our society.“
Lucia Šmatláková, FESTIVALOVÝ ZPRAVODAJ, Divadelní Flora 2018

„A concise and accurate picture of the simultaneous treatment of the body as a commodity, far from the Greek ideal of fusion of body and soul - kalokagathia.“
Jan Doležel, MU Kritické theatrum

Martin Talaga is a Prague-based artist . Working as a dancer,choreographer and performance artist  mainly in the field of phsysical theater  and contemporary dance. Besides contemporary dance he adresses himself to experimental and visual performances and also traditional folklore dances. Besides  MA degree in choreography of contemporary dance he upgraded his education at  LABAN/TRINITY SCHOOL - London (UK), CEEC - CHINA Summer dance camp certificate and SE.S.TA – Centre of choreographic development. During his studies and professional career he had the chance to cooperate with various choreographers, theatre directors and companies as:  LATERNA MAGIKA-National Theatre (CZ), VerTeDance (CZ), Spitfire Company (CZ), Radim Vizváry(CZ) , Csaba Molnár(HU), Matthew Rogers (US), Alexandra Karabelas(GE), Stefan Drehrer (GE), Mia Lawrance (GE,BE) ,SAJU HARI (UK), Jaro Viňarský (SK), Peter Šavel (BE/SK), Vera  Ondrašíková (CZ) among other.
As the choreographer he created successful works which were welcomed by both critics and spectators, presented in Slovakia and Czeck  but also on many foreign scenes and festivals USA- New York, Mexico, Germany, Algeria, Armenia, Macedonia, Poland, Hungary.


Theatre / company

Martin Talaga

Czech title







Radim Klásek, Anton Eliaš, Marek Menšík

Costume design

Kateřina Jirmanová Soukupová

Lighting design

Karlos Šimek

Length of the performance

35 minutes

Stage description

no preferences

Number of travelling persons



"Dance Production of the Year and the Surprise of the Year to the performance of SOMA #8 by choreographer and dancer Martin Talaga. The jury appreciated novelty and quality of the work as a whole as well as performances of all three dancers."


23.5.2018, Prague, CZ


Martin Talaga