Fairy Queen

foto: Fabiana Mertova

„Good night, my princess... many kisses to you.“
What mechanisms operate a loving relationship of two people separated by thousands of kilometres? How strong the bond has to be to keep us connected to the other person when it‘s been such a long time since we last smelled their skin, since we held their hand and cuddled in their arms? These are the questions raised by Fairy Queen, a piece created by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE and one based on true events and authentic personal material and experience of the performers.
It is with immense love that we dedicate this piece to our sons and daughters, parents and partners, to all the beloved people who only hear our „I love you“ when the distance has grown too long.
The project results from a collaborative initiative of the company 420PEOPLE, the Experimental Space NoD and the music group Zabelov.

„A fascinating piece!“ (Facebook)
„Dancing confession about love and loneliness presented by famous 420PEOPLE.“ (CzechDance.cz)
„Fairy Queen, first showed in Experimental Space NoD on March 9th, is energetic, high-spirited, joyful motional fantasy, which throws 420PEOPLE back to the power of dance.“ (OperaPlus.cz)
“420PEOPLE know what their message is and they know to communicate it clearly. They are capable to subordinate dance to the narrative, yet not succumb to it completely. The crafty balancing on this tricky line makes for the uniqueness of the company and the singularity of their productions.” (Dominik Melichar, Theatre Journal)
“Presently, 420PEOPLE are doubtless the best of Czech contemporary dance companies. The virtuosity and the way the dancers use their bodies are on the world’s top class level.“ (K.Slezáková, Hudební rozhledy)

420PEOPLE is a collective of artists who insist on the values of exceptional quality of performance and professionalism. Their pieces are playful and courageous, bringing on stage a wide vocabulary of contemporary dance. Improvisation is a natural part of their creation and so is informal dialogue with the spectator in the form of after-show discussions.
420PEOPLE that is, above all, Václav Kuneš together with his colleagues from diverse art‘s fields they carry out their artistic vision and effort to produce works of the label Made By Czech that are nevertheless proud and integral parts of the international dance scene.

A project of two classmates from the Prague Conservatory: Belorussian accordionist Roman Zabelov and Czech drummer Jan Šikl. In 2014 they were highlighted in the survey among music critics as the best new-appearance of the year in the alternative music.
Besides having played as a support band with the Scottish band Hidden Orchestra, they often perform together with various scenic projects. They also cooperate with the Berg Orchestra, exploring the potential of overlapping with classical contemporary music.


Theatre / company


Czech title

Královna víl


Václav Kuneš & dancers


Zabelov Group


Zuzana Herényiová, Fanny Barrouquère / Sabine Groenendijk, Filip Staněk, Adam Sojka, Alexandr Volný & Zabelov Group – Jan Šikl a Roman Zabelov


Natálie Preslová

Stage design

Václav Kuneš

Costume design

Olo Křížová

Lighting design

Jan Mlčoch

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Stage description

ideal stage size min 10x10m DOWNLOAD TECHNICAL RIDER AT- http://www.420people.org/files/2018_fairy-queen_technical-requirements_en.pdf

Number of travelling persons



9. 3. 2017, The Experimental space NoD, Prague, CZ


Marta Lajnerová