The Last Supper

When two mafia bosses meet at one dinner table, there will be more than just bills to pay. This is a story of one great betrayal, entangled with short gangster stories, murderous and vindictive chefs, secret agents and the deadly beauty of Russian prima ballerinas. Dangerous, spicy, hilarious and entertaining, The Last Supper combines dance, live music, singing and acting all brought to you by an international mix of thirteen performers.

“An easy-watching work of dance theater, which does not pretend on having philosophical depth, however is meticulously planned, cleverly put together and realised with great talent. Such a show proves how entertaining dance can be for anyone, being a gateway to dance and theatre for those who have not yet found their way to art. In addition to the fact that entertainment is a legitimate reason why many theater productions are created in the first place, there is also the potential of raising awareness and getting new audience for dance art. The most essential thing to do is appreciate: DEKKADANCERS have great talent to bring humor on the stage with virtue, and that needs both a lot of talent and some luck.”
Lucie Kocourkova,, 21.9.2017

DEKKADANCERS is an open, project-based, contemporary dance company. Founded in Prague in 2009. The group has soon become one of the most exciting dance companies in the Czech Republic. 
Since 2015 the company has been increasingly active under the new direction of Štěpán Pechar, Ondřej Vinklát and Marek Svobodník, the so called second generation (dancers and choreographers from the Czech National Ballet in Prague). The trio work together as well as separately creating and staging their own projects for DEKKADANCERS as well as other companies as freelance choreographers.

Štěpán Pechar was born in Malta. In 2010 he graduated from the State Dance Conservatory of Prague and has since been very active both as dancer and choreographer. He worked with the Bohemia Ballet, Laterna Magika (for the both of which he also created his own works, apart from being employed as a dancer), 420PEOPLE and other freelance dance companies before joining the Czech National Ballet in Prague in 2015. Since 2015 he simultaneously became the co-director of DEKKADANCERS for which he created as well as interpreted a number of performances, the most recent being The Last Supper in co-operation with Ondřej Vinklát and Marek Svbobodník. 

Ondřej Vinklát was born in Liberec, and graduated from the State Dance Conservatory of Prague in 2011. Before joining the Czech National Ballet, he was a member of the Bohemia Ballet as well as guest dancer of the State Opera Ballet of Prague. In 2013 he was ranked soloist of the CNB and since 2016 he holds the position of principal soloist. Apart from his work as a dancer, Ondřej has always been active as a choreographer, his works have been staged in several prestigious venues around the Republic as well as abroad. Since 2015 he became the co-director of DEKKADANCERS. 

Marek Svobodník was born in Brno where he also attended the State Dance Conservatory. Following his graduation, he joined the Moravian-Silasien National Ballet from 2003 to 2006. In 2006 je joined Laterna Magika for two seasons, after which he worked with the National Theatre in Brno as soloist for four years. In 2013 he moved back to Prague and is currently demi-soloist of the Czech National Ballet as well as resident guest of Laterna Magika. He is also devoted to choreography, and collaborated with several prestigious companies, creating works which have been widely positively received. Since 2015 he co-directs DEKKADANCERS. 


Theatre / company


Czech title

Poslední večeře


Štěpán Benyovszký and DEKKADANCERS


Štěpán Pechar, Marek Svobodník and Ondřej Vinklát




Ondřej Vinklát, Štěpán Pechar, Marek Svobodník, Adam Sojka, Alina Nanu, Kristína Kornová, Alexandr Sadirov, Matěj Šust, Tereza Kučerová, Tom Kopecký, Morgane Lanoue, Mathias Deneux and Lenka Hrabovská

Stage design

Pavel Knolle

Costume design

Pavel Knolle

Lighting design

Karlos Šimek

Sound design

Petr Janeček

Length of the performance

75 minutes

Stage area


Stage description

min. 10x10x6,5m; ideal 12x12x7,5m; Black Box; black baletizol; platform in the left back corner of the stage near to the horizon 4x3x1m - we prefer Nivtec system

Number of travelling persons



Annual Award of for Best Choreography of the year 2017


16.9. 2017 at Theatre Jatka 78, Prague, CZ


Marek Svobodník

 +420 731 480 068


Ondřej Vinklát

+420 777 726 778


Štěpán Pechar

+420 736 177 259