Mama’s Boys

High schools should be abolished, because most young people are decimated and destroyed in them.  An elite boarding school. Four members of the future elite together in one room. Mama’s boys. Stolen money sets in motion a spiral of dominance, humiliation, manipulation, terror and abuse, all based on religious, moral and economic ideologies.  Mama’s Boys is a play inspired by Robert Musil’s novel The Confusions of Young Törless, the autobiography of Thomas Bernhard, Gathering Evidence and the short stories of Reiner Maria Rilke.

About the Company

Tygr v tísni (Tiger in Need) is an independent theatre group focused on the adaptation of non-dramatic texts and authorial theatre. The group originated at the Theatre Faculty of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague, where it was established by director Ivo Kristián Kubák and dramaturg Marie Nováková. One of Tygr v tísni’s most famous projects was the first large scale immersive performance in the Czech republic, Golem.  The director of Mama’s Boys, Tomáš Loužný, is now in his final year of studies at the Theatre Academy (DAMU) in Prague. He is also a playwright and translator.


Theatre / company

Tygr v tísni


Tomáš Loužný


Marie Nováková

Stage design

Petr Vítek

Costume design

Vojtěch Hanyš


Adult , Children