Collapse is an original Czech play created especially for X10 Theatre. An undertaking business goes into bankruptcy and therefore (or perhaps despite this) it offers the most modern, bizarre types of funerals. The business owner has no idea, though, that his new client is only after his own goals. Meanwhile, a self-declared messiah hides in the basement of the house. These two storylines finally intersect at a fateful moment. Or is it a coincidence? Is our society sentenced to a fatal collapse? Who has the weapons? Who is the father of the unborn baby? And who is who anyway? Does a parallel universe exist? What time is it? What year? Who are the last people on Earth and who is singing? Who tells their story? This play definitely collapses on all levels.

About the Company

X10 Theatre was founded in 2013 as a theatre with a clear dramaturgy. It aims to reflect rigorously on contemporary problems and to research the spirit of our times. X10 Theatre defines itself exclusively as a home for contemporary theatre and controversial, provocative themes. Plays are presented as Czech or world premieres. Gradually, X10 Theatre has increasingly focused on its own authorial creations, which have been part of the company’s work from the beginning.


Theatre / company

Divadlo X 10


Ondřej Novotný


Ewa Zembok


Tomáš Vtípil


Lenka Havlíková, Ondřej Novotný

Stage design

Ivana Kanhäuserová