Leading Czech creative dancer Tereza Ondrová and theatre director Petra Tejnorová explore the boundaries of subtle humour, irony and absurdity under the directorial-choreographic leadership of Karine Ponties. Inspired by Buster Keaton, despite all the lightness of the form they can move us with their depth and sincerity.

Nothing defines human beings better than their disposition to accomplish absurd acts in order to obtain results that are just as improbable. In a world where reason is a nice façade, the bursting in of non-sense brings us to face our relationship with normalcy and allows us to open up to unbeaten paths.
Somewhere between burn out and brown out, two women, exposed to each other like a palindrome in a distorting mirror, lose their direction and rekindle with their wild animal.

About the company

Karine Ponties is Frenchwoman living in Belgium since her days studying at the famous Mudra School, but for many Czech artists she has been an inspiring muse and mentor for years. She impressed the heads of Tanec Praha already in the late 1990s, when she introduced her first piece Dame de Pic with her ownensemble, which she founded in 1996. After that, she returned practically every second year with new pieces, including collaborations with local artists such as Jaro Viňarský and Pierre Nadaud, culminating in Mi non sabir as part of Trans Danse Europe. Their journeys have repeatedly intersected and opened explorations and interconnection of movement, light, design and music, attracting other Czech artists.


Theatre / company

danceWATCH / Dame de Pic, Karine Ponties

Czech title



Karine Ponties, Terea Ondrová, Petra Tejnorová


Karine Ponties


Karine Ponties




Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Stage design

Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Costume design


Lighting design

Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage description

Min 10m width x 9m depth x 5,4m height

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


25th Czech Dance Platform - Special Mention - SAME SAME - The most outstanding performer - Tereza Ondrová


Petra Hanzlíková