They set out on a journey. Out of fear. With no guarantees. The paths of three runaways intersect. Bound to one another, they navigate a terrain of anxiety, courage, failure and compassion, seeking refuge in an indifferent world. At the point of no return, all that remains is awakening. The performance was inspired by interviews with a community of young people living in London who while on the run found themselves in limit situations. A stage composition balancing on the border between physical theatre and concert features seven exceptional musical and dance performers.

About the company

During its 16 years of existence, International Theatre Studio Farm in the Cave became internationally recognized laboratory for developing profound ways of working with the expression of performers, violating borders between musical and physical performances. Farm in the Cave’s work arises from their in-depth and long-term performance research focused on current social issues and cultural topics. The company has represented the Czech Republic at many prestigious festivals in over sixty cities and across three continents and has received numerous international awards and Czech prizes.


Theatre / company

Farm in the Cave / Farma v jeskyni

Czech title



Andrej Petrovič, Rin Kin, Minh - Hieu Nguyen, Hana Varadzinová, Viliam Dočolomanský


Viliam Dočolomanský


Viliam Dočolomanský


Viliam Dočolomanský and Marcel Bárta, Hana Varadzinová, Vít Halška, Štěpán Janoušek


Jana Pilátová

Stage design

Lucia Škandíková

Costume design

Tereza Kopecká

Lighting design

František Fabián

Sound design

Eva Hamouzová

Length of the performance

55 minutes

Stage description

middle – large

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




Barbara Tůmová