Private Confessions

Drama PRIVATE CONFESSIONS, which premiered in autumn 2018, portraits the most important relationships of our life, marriage and faith. Creative couple of director Jan Nebesky and actress Lucie Trmíková decided to pay tribute to world famous director Ingmar Bergman at 100th anniversary of his birth by preparing a performance about love and God.

Alois Švehlík, appears in the role of a pastor. He is not just a priest but mainly confessor and mentor of married couple, who fear one another. Anna, played by Lucie Trmíková loves but not her husband. Finaly after all this years she feels delight and is willing to leave everything. Martin Pechlát plays the husband (and as a pastor a well) who refuses to give up his wife.

As it is typical for JEDL company to work with different artistic areas to create a performance, this one also does. This time not as grand as normally but it creates more intimate feeling. First trumpet player of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Ladislav Kozderka accompanies the performance with his electrifying improvisations, which underline important question

„Don’t you think darling, that there is some meaning in everything what has happened to us ? “

The performance is a last one from the open trilogy focused on relationship between man and woman. If Medeia goes for extremes and Pustina seeks balance than PRIVATE CONFESSIONS are reaching foreternity.

About the company

In 2011, artists and friends David Prachař, Lucie Trmíková and Jan Nebeský created theatre group JEDL, a platform for independent theatre. They've first met in the theatre Činoherní klub over an ancient theme, so it would bring them back together 26 later in a performance Médeia. It represents everything, what is JEDL known for: fusion. Classical literature accompanied by author writings of Lucie Trmíková (actress and screenwriter) and linking up all of the artistic areas from fine arts through sculpture up to music. In season of 2018/2019 JEDL is performing as a guest theatre group in DUP 39, an experimental space for art and culture.



Theatre / company

Spolek JEDL

Czech title

Soukromé rozhovory


Ingmar Bergman, Lucie Trmíková


Jan Nebeský


Ladislav Kozderka


Lucie Trmíková

Stage design

Jan Nebeský

Costume design

Petra Vlachynská

Length of the performance

90 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Miriam Čandíková