World of paper

World of paper is an interactive movement performance for children accompanied by live-played music. It was created with the intention of denying the border between stage and auditorium and enabling the child's viewer to experience the movement closely - as a physical and kinetic experience.

The main element in the performance are ordinary sheets of paper that become the tool and mediator of interaction between children and performers. The paper, which can appear at first glance banal, is transformed during the performance from a regular school aid to a sophisticated guide to the world of play, open communication, creation and fantasy.

In World of paper children become part of what is happening on stage and experience movement and dance themselves. Through different movement actions children are guided to play and open up to completely new, unrecognized possibilities. The inteaction between dancers and children is established through sheets of paper where paper serves as a communication mediator and mediator of the game. Children are invited into the performance with all their senses - the first contact with the dancers is tactile - children are offered the paper that lies between their and performer´s palm to move through space, they watch other children in similar situations. From an individual sheet of paper the amout of used paper grows and finally it is used as mass of material. A live-performed music is an integral part of the performance.

Paper is a great way to introduce children to creative dance. Children will experience the performance as they become a part of it themselves, they will enter into many group games, but they will also have the opportunity to experience dance and movement on their own - thus gaining experience with dynamics, space, different pace of movement and music. World of paper creates situations and a great opportunity for children to live through new experiences – within their class, with teachers, and can have significant social overlaps.

The performance can be staged in schools without light design. It is accompanied by live-played music (usually double bass, horn or quitar). Instruments can vary from performance to performance. There is always only one instrument playing in a show.

About the company

The choreographer Mirka Eliášová primarily engages in working with children within the field of creative dance for last twenty years.


Theatre / company

Mirka Eliášová and coll.

Czech title

Svět z papíru


Mirka Eliášová


Mirka Eliášová


George Cremaschi


Jelte van Andel

Stage design

Wova Basjuk

Lighting design

Vladimír Burian

Sound design

Jiří Jakl

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Stage description

the ideal size of total empthy black box is 12m x 16m, stage minimum 8 x 8m

Number of travelling persons





Mirka Eliasova