The Thief’s Journal

The strange and daring merger of the diaries of the “accursed” playwright, writer and recidivist Jean Genet, in which he describes his uniquely self-destructive philosophy of crime and beauty, and the outstanding Czech poetic composition “What God? Man?” by the Baroque author Bedřich Bridel, offers a provoking mixture of topics and their unexpected connections. The narcissist and ruthlessly childish diary full of pleasure, fear and resistance to authority winds elegantly to reach Bridel’s severe and passionate confession and enthusiasm, who lies at his God’s feet the same way Genet lies at the feet of any of his lovers. Both texts abound in similar desire and calling, similar fever of a body that wants to belong. To merge. To find Paradise. Extreme tension between body and soul, their dispute in Baroque, which has been described many times is fulfilled in actions and relations experienced by Genet. Experiencing one’s lowness as the consciously accepted state draws nearer to Bridel’s sweet humiliation, who rhymes as a child, in a regular rhythm, without embellishment. Baroque singing alters with intimate, yet down-to-earth reports of a prostitute and a thief.

About the company

Masopust is an independent theatre with original staging poetics, based in Eliade’s Library at the Theatre on the Balustrade. Masopust in interested in drama made of words. The words of “action” and “play”. It focuses on “dramatic archeology” in contemporary directing.

The repertoire of the theatre covers productions based on challenging literature and poetry, as well as classic dramatic texts (Lenka Lagronová, Virginie Woolf, Josef Topol, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Knut Hamsun, Bedřich Bridel, Jean Genet). Music plays an essential role with most plays, it is often composed live on the stage.


Theatre / company

Carnival / Masopust

Czech title

Deník zloděje


Jean Genet, Bedřich Bridel, Martin Dohnal, Miloslav König


Jan Nebeský


Bedřich Bridel, Martin Dohnal


Tereza Marečková

Stage design

Jan Nebeský

Costume design

Petra Vlachynská

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons







• Performance of the year in Theatre Critics’ Awards • Performance of the year according to respondents of Theatre Newspaper • Miloslav König’s performance was acknowledged in the Theatre Newspaper survey (season 2016/2017) and Theatre Critics’ Awards survey • Martin Dohnal received Theatre Critics’ Award for music • The Thief’s Journal received The Grenouille Award for the best Czech performance of the francophone original in 2017


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