Francesca da Rimini/ The Miserly Knight

The production is based on Sergei Rachmaninoff’s two one-act operas. Although the two stories and topics differ, the production has one setting and performers. Both stories are framed by one idea, which follows characters of human beings, such as manipulation, mystification, desire for power and possession, observing human souls, who find themselves on the edge of the abyss and balance on the verge of their conscience.

About the company

The opera company in Liberec is part of F. X. Šalda Theatre and, along with the drama and ballet company, it forms the backbone of cultural life in the region. The opera company is based on solos, choir and orchestra, it also intensively cooperates with guest artists, such as soloists, directors or conductors. Dramaturgy of the company is based on the classic opera repertoire, focusing on the distinctive cast of singers, as well as focusing on pieces appearing rarely on the stage. The most significant feat of the opera in Liberec has been the first place at the Opera festival the Liberec ensemble has achieved four times in the row so far.


Theatre / company

Theatre F.X.Šaldy Liberec / Divadlo F.X.Šaldy v Liberci

Czech title

Francesca da Rimini/ Lakomý rytíř


Sergei Rachmaninoff


Linda Keprtová


Martin Doubravský - Conductor


Vojtěch Babka, Linda Keprtová

Stage design

Michal Syrový

Costume design

Tomáš Kypta

Lighting design

Pavel Hejret

Length of the performance

149 minutes

Stage area







Linda Keprtová