Moonlight Sonata No. 11

The performance is based on the real transcript of Apollo 11’s communications with the NASA Control Center in Houston. One of humanity’s greatest adventures began in July 1969, when the rocket Saturn V was launched into space, bringing Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin into the Earth’s orbit. On the same day in 2000, a supposed Mars landing was announced. Still, today, in 2019, it appears that we know much less about the universe than we thought. Moonlight Sonata No. 11 is dedicated to anyone who ever wanted to become an astronaut.

About the Company

NoD Theatre is an independent theatre space for devised and documentary theatre projects. We are interested in making performances that explore the contemporary world, society or politics. We also provide our theatre space to young creators and independent theatre groups.


Theatre / company

NoD Theatre / Divadlo NoD

Czech title

Měsíční sonata č. 11


Natálie Preslová, Janek Lesák


Janek Lesák


Ivo Sedláček


Lumíra Přichystalová, Martin Cikán, Ladislav Karda, Jan Strýček


Natálie Preslová

Stage design

Mikoláš Zika

Costume design

Mikoláš Zika

Lighting design

Daniel Kozlík

Sound design

Vojtěch Krátký

Length of the performance

75 minutes


Czech , Subtitles available


Mentions: Invitation to the music theatre festival Dokořán 2019 in Brno; Invitation to the main program of the festival Malá inventura 2019


Helena Plicková