Dukto is a contemporary circus show presenting fusion of circus techniques such as contemporary juggling, new wave of magic, acrobatics, physical theatre or a unique technique of hair hanging. The show builds on a strong visual aesthetic freely inspired by the art movements such as bauhaus, neo pop and others. The scene fluids back and forth from being used as background and as a prop.

The word of Dukto is an Esperanto expression for conduit or pipeline. In Cink Cink Cirk’s new street production Dukto means conduit as a connecting element. A linkage between cultures, worldviews as well as diverse methods, forms and techniques applied within the creative process. With translucent gardening water pipes as the constitutional scenographic element, the artists fuse the physical and the metaphysical, the concrete and the abstract, in a most innovative manner and lays emphasis on diversity and cooperation of unique individuals to form a whole.

About the company

Cink Cirk Cirk is a conteporary circus company founded in 2012 by four students of the Cirqueon Circus Center in Prague. Each of them coming from a different background with varying disciplines.
Since the first show called CINK?, they created also street show called “BUM” that they performed around Europe.
At the moment, four members are studying abroad at european circus and theatre schools - AmoC in Copenhagen, Codarts in Rotterdam, and HAMU (Department of Nonverbal Theater) in Prague. They share their knowledge and experience with each other during rehearsing and training in Prague, to become more dynamic actors and performers. The intention to further develop and enrich the genre of the new circus in Bohemia has resulted in the creation of a new, untraditional street show called Dukto.
This latest creation of Cink Cink Cirk has been played since the Prague premiere 2016 around Slovakia, Latvia, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.


Theatre / company

Cink Cink Cirk

Czech title



Zuzana Drábová, Filip Zahradnický, Aleš Hrdlička, Lukas Bliss, Jáchym Belcher


Jáchym Belcher


David Dvořák

Costume design

Simona Drábová- Verlyba

Sound design

Jáchym Belcher

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Stage description


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Adult , Children


Aleš Hrdlička

+420 773 676 735