Ordinary People

A meeting of Czech and Chinese stories on one stage. Tales of desire, of cruelty, of joy, of blood, of unhealed traumas, of love and of death are narrated in parallel by various theatrical means. Music, dance, video art and light design are created by Czech and Chinese artists together directly in front of the viewers' eyes in a constantly changing scene. Apparently business with China is more important for ordinary people than human rights. That's what politicians say. What is it like when Czechs and Chinese tell their "ordinary" stories?

Language: Czech, Chinese with English and French subtitles available

About the company

Born in 1962, Jana Svobodová graduated in 1987 from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she resides. Since 1997, she has taken part in dramatic projects with a strong social and political bent. Her creations have been performed in the Czech Republic, South Africa, and the United States. She is the artistic director of Archa.lab and of the Akcent International Festival of Documentary Theatre.

Born in 1960, Wen Hui studied traditional Chinese dance and choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy. She studied with Trisha Brown, then with Pina Bausch's company in 1995. She founded Living Dance Studio, the first independent dance studio in China, in 1994, with documentary filmmaker Wu Wenguang. Her creations use dance, text, and documentary film (Memory in 2008, Red in 2015) to tell the story of her country through the memory of bodies.



Theatre / company

Archa Theatre / Living Dance Studio

Czech title

Obyčejní lidé


Jana Svobodová and Wen Hui


Jana Svobodová and Wen Hui


Jan Burian


Ondřej Hrab

Stage design

Jana Svobodová, Wen Hui and coll.

Lighting design

Pavel Kotlík

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage description

STAGE SIZE: minimum 12 m wide – 12 m deep – 7 m high, AUDITORIUM: elevated seating, optimal capacity: 100 - 300 seats (adaptable)

Number of travelling persons



Subtitles available




Festival D´Avignon Main Selection - 2019


Jindřich Krippner