The Happy Prince

Behind the walls of beautiful palaces, where the living is easy and the dancing and drinking never end, lies a very different world. It might not be pretty, but it’s certainly real. In the middle of that world stands the beautiful golden statute of a prince, with gemstones instead of eyes. Every day, the Prince looks down on the misery of people he never met when he was alive. Meanwhile, winter approaches and the swallows fly south, all except for one, whose sympathetic heart is stronger than the desire for warm, exotic lands. But what about the Prince’s heart of lead? Can it resound with love and compassion? This spectacular production was created in collaboration with the Forman Brothers Theatre.

About the Company

Lampion Theater is an alternative and puppet stage of the Municipal Theatre in Kladno. It focuses primarily on puppet and object theatre, but not exclusively; its production also work with drama, movement and musical theatre practices.

Theatre / company

Divadlo Lampion

Czech title

Šťastný princ


Oscar Wilde, Radek Malý, Matěj Forman


Matěj Forman


Veronika Švábová


Daniel Wunsch


Matouš Danzer

Stage design

Matěj Forman

Costume design

Andrea Sodomková

Lighting design

Jan Černohorský

Length of the performance

70 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Children , Adult


Julie Válková