The Smallest of the Sami

Beyond the polar circle, where frost and cold reign, lies the land of the Lapps. They tend their reindeer herds, but when the animals have nothing left to eat, the herdsmen must set off with them on a journey to find food. One day, even the youngest Sami joins the others on the journey. He doesn’t know what's awaiting him, but he courageously heads on.

About the Company

We offer alternative and puppet theatre by young Czech artists to the international market. We currently have a selection of 18 performances, mainly from The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). Our main goal is to help these young performers reach international festivals and allow them to present their work there. When we were selecting these performances, we stressed their different approach to work with puppets, physical theatre and set design. Our motto is “Young but Professional”.

Theatre / company

Czechoslovakian Sticks / ČESKOSLOVENSKÉ KLACKY

Czech title

Nejmenší ze Sámů


Johana Bártová


Johana Bártová


Jakub Šulík a Matěj Šubera

Stage design

Jakub Šulík

Costume design

Jakub Šulík

Lighting design

Jakub Šulík

Length of the performance

35 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Adult , Children


Adam Svoboda