Bound by Grass

A story about life, death and tiny insects featuring a naked monk, an emperor, a general and an elephant, Bound by Grass offers a theatrical retreat from a chaotic world in the company of delicate metal puppets, sounds and shadows. The stories in the performance are adapted from the collections The Compass of Zen (Seung Sahn) and Les Plus Beaux Contes Zen (Henri Brunel) and address the theme of respect for life. The production uses natural materials and abstract metal puppets made of wires and coloured plastics. An original visual language is created through the simultaneous use of puppets and shadow play before and behind a paper screen. All of this is accompanied by a narrator and a musician playing a modified double bass and other acoustic instruments.

About the Company

Líšeň Theatre was established in 1998 in Brno–Líšeň and is characterised by its experimentation with various theatrical forms, including puppetry, masks, objects, movement and stylised sound. Their performance projects are the result of lengthy creative and personal processes, oftentimes spanning the diversity of the field of theatre. Líšeň Theatre performs for children and adults alike, throughout the Czech Republic and at international festivals.


Czech title

Spoutaný trávou


Pavla Dombrovská, Luděk Vémola


Pavla Dombrovská, Luděk Vémola


Luděk Vémola

Stage design

Pavla Dombrovská, Luděk Vémola, puppets: Zdenka Klanicová

Lighting design

Pavla Dombrovská, Luděk Vémola

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Adult , Children


Katerina Slamova Bartosova