Colonization – A New Origin

An experiential sci-fi simulation beyond the event horizon, the gravitational field and the speed of light.

Mankind has always longed to discover and explore new places. What drives us? Curiosity, advancement, or adventure? A desire to enlarge our living space, or to disseminate human DNA, or just ordinary human pride? The future colonisation of new planets is inevitable. But will the universe be colonised by people?

Colonization: A New Origin is the newest site-specific performance by Vosto5 Theatre inspired by Archa Theatre, evolution and Czechoslovak sci-fi comics.

The project is a co-production by Vosto5, Archa Theatre and the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival.

Colonization – A New Origin was made possible with financial support from the EU Culture program and is presented as a part of the House on Fire program. Translation supported by the Arts and Theatre Institute

About the company

Vosto5 Theatre is an independent troupe founded in 1996 by a group of artists from the same generation. Its innovative productions address a wide range of themes and genres with original writing and the fresh, edgy and ironic humour for which it has become known. Vosto5 Theatre’s work combines elements of modern cabaret with humorous texts and improvisation. With these approaches at the heart of all the group’s performances, they search for ways to activate their audience and expand their perception, forging an organic connection between the spectator and the lively, ever-changing nature of theatrical performance.



Theatre / company


Czech title

Kolonizace – nový počátek




Jiří Havelka


Martin Tvrdý


Zdeněk Janáček

Stage design

Jan Brejcha and Mikoláš Zika

Costume design

Jan Brejcha a Mikoláš Zika, Gabriela Prochazka a Aneta Železníková

Lighting design

Tomáš Morávek

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Adult , Children


Petr Prokop