The Republic is Awaiting Us aka Where My Home is

This performance by teenage students and young graduates of the Art School Na Popelce in Prague 5 was created as a school production as part of the Václav Havel Library’s project “Play Havel”. It is inspired by Václav Havel’s play Tomorrow We’ll Start it Up, which deals with the creation of our republic. A storm of energy flows from the young performers to the audience on the waves of music and dance in a performance that plays with the motifs of works by exceptional playwright and president Václav Havel - the great personality of modern Czech history.

The performance was selected for national festivals Jiráskův Hronov, Rakovník Popelka, international festivals in France, China. The group’s biggest achievements are participation at Aberdeen International Youth Festival, Deutsche Kinder-Theater-Fest in Germany, and The World Festival of Children´s Performing Arts in Toyama etc.

Audience: children 10 years+

About the company

Dance Studio Light seeks out and explores alternative pedagogical methods for the use of art in the cultural education of children and youth.

The ensemble creates and reprises community theatre productions, integrating professional art-making with educational activities. It participates in projects involving international collaboration, representing Czech culture. Dance Studio Light is unique in that it offers on-going, long-term artistic activities ranging from children's plays, to the amateur artistic activities of children and youth, to highly professional work, including performances by school graduates (already the students and graduates of art conservatories), who are professionally equipped and personally motivated to devote a part of their artistic practice to children and their artistic education. The breadth of its cultural contribution makes Dance Studio Light truly unique.


Theatre / company

Dance Studio Light, School of Arts na Popelce, Prague 5 / Taneční studio Light při ZUŠ Na Popelce v Praze 5

Czech title

Republika na nás čeká aneb Kde domov můj


Lenka Tretiagová


Lenka Tretiagová


Lenka Tretiagová, David Králík, David Ryska and team


Monika Drdová


Lenka Tretiagová

Stage design

Lenka Tretiagová

Costume design

Lenka Tretiagová

Lighting design

Robert Janč

Length of the performance

20 minutes

Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available




Lenka Tretiagová

+420 606 754 666