Homo zabijens: Konec lovců mamutů

Don’t let the fire go out! Find food for the young and the old! Offer a gift to the great Oa! Cradle the child! Huddle with the others for warmth! Find the lost one! Some 30,000 years ago, our planet hosted the last handful of Neanderthal humans. One such Neanderthal group, perhaps the last one, meets a new, unfamiliar type of human – homo sapiens sapiens, humans styling themselves ‘wise‘, humans like us.

What is stronger? Awe or the fear of the unknown? The desire to discover or the instinct to destroy what might threaten us? “Today is like yesterday and tomorrow.” We live with mobile phones and the internet and we’ve flown to the moon, but can we really say we have been civilised? Inspired by the novel The Inheritors by Nobel laureate William Golding.

Audience: children 9 years+

About the company

Based in Brno, Polárka Theatre has been creating theatre for children and youth since 1999. It focuses on productions for children and youth audiences (secondary and university students), whether in the form of performances for schools or for the public.


Theatre / company

Divadlo Polárka

Czech title

Homo zabijens: Konec lovců mamutů


Šimon Peták


J. A. Pitínský


Miroslav Černý


Karolina Ondrová

Stage design

David Janošek

Costume design

Jana Preková

Lighting design

Ondřej Coufal

Length of the performance

75 minutes

Number of travelling persons







Natálie Pelcová