Putin ́s Agents

How do secret agents lure their victims? What practices do they use? The live-cinema production Putin’s Agents is an unconventional experience based on the book by Czech investigative journalist Ondřej Kundra, which focuses on operations, abuses of power and corruption within the Russian secret service.

We’ve grown accustomed to thinking that we live in a space place. The fall of the Iron Curtain and the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO and the EU have strengthened our conviction that there are no longer any significant threats. But the Russian secret service has never withdrawn its agents from the country. On the contrary, recently their numbers have grown significantly.

With the help of live filming and editing during the performance, you will become part of the movie Putin’s Agents. It happens only once, on this evening, right before your eyes. A new movie is premiered every night starring you, the secret service and Petr Vančura.

About the company

Temporary Collective is a creative platform for the performing arts, formed in 2017 by director Petra Tejnorová and dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová (formerly leading artist of VerTeDance). Temporary emphasizes topicality and hence the transience and temporality of live arts. Collective offers the unique creative chemistry of the team created for each project. In recent dance and theatre works, Temporary Collective are researching new ways of involving the audience as an integral part of the performance.


Putin's Agents trailer from Temporary Collective on Vimeo.

Theatre / company

Temporary Collective

Czech title

Putinovi agenti


Temporary Collective based on a book by investigative journalist Ondřej Kundra


Petra Tejnorová


Jan Tošovský, Nina Jacques

Stage design

Antonín Šilar

Costume design

Antonín Šilar, Františka Králíková

Lighting design

Robert Palkovič

Sound design

Jan Nedbal / Jan Sedláček

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Adult , Children


Michal Somoš

mobile +420776250812