Where Are We Going To Live

The bear as an architect
The bear as a handyman
The bear as a home designer
The bear as an expert in organic real estate

The main character of this fairy tale is a warm-hearted but greedy bear who gets into some trouble. This year, he's gathered so much honey that it won’t fit into his house and so he must start looking for a new one. Making his way through the forest, he listens carefully to the advice offered by his fellow animals but soon discovers that not all of them have good intentions. His main goal is clear: to be ready to hibernate on time. 

What makes a bear set out on a journey to discover the secrets of architectural knowledge?
A puppet fairy tale about a bear wandering through the forest in search of a good place to live.
Dedicated to all those who don't have a home.

Audience: children 3-12 

About the company

Vi.Tvor is a collective of artists exploring the potential of artistic theatre. They focus primarily on experimental, multi-genre theatre and puppet plays for chidden and adults and family history is a recurring theme in their work. Vi.Tvor’s past performances include Circus in the Head (2014), Long, Wide and Clear-Sighted (2017), Spa (2018), Pouťoviny (2018) and Where Are We Going To Live (2019).

Theatre / company


Czech title

Kde budeme bydlet


Alžběta Vitvarová, René Vitvar, Patrik Hradecký

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons







Ensemble Performance Award for René Vitvar, Štěpán Lustyk and Milan Vedral for Where Are We Going to Live, 2021 Mateřinka Awards, 2021 Mateřinka Festival Jury (Kateřina Dolenská, Simona Chalupová, Jan Matásek, Zdeněk A. Tichý and Petr Vodička).


Pavlína Krupičková