Shades of Fern

The peace of the forest is disturbed by two rough, hunting bodies. Blood from the surprised prey recolours the white flowers of the strawberry plant. Rudolf Aksamit and Václav Kala bend over a roe deer, its body still warm to their touch, still beautifully tense. But now, the gamekeeper emerges from the thicket and shouts, “Stop!”
There are old scores to settle. Immediately, the joy of poaching stops flowing in their veins, exploding, all of a sudden, into a red rage. 
The fire of revenge has been lit, the rifle fired. There is no going back. 
The forest closes in on itself, becoming a refuge and a prison, a hemmed-in space for escaping justice. And for escaping oneself. 

This production is based on Josef Čapek’s novella about crime and punishment, which have always stood side-by-side in the human order. 

Audience: children, adult 13-100

About the company

Lampion Theatre is Kladno Municipal Theatre’s alternative and puppetry stage. We focus primarily on puppet and object theatre, but not exclusively; our productions also feature drama, movement and musical theatre practices. Jan Krafka is currently the director of the theatre and Lucie Radimerská is the artistic director.


Theatre / company

Lampion theater in Kladno / Divadlo Lampion

Czech title

Stín kapradiny


Josef Čapek, Jakub Maksymov and collective


Zdeněk Dočekal


Matouš Danzer

Stage design

Olga Ziębińska

Costume design

Olga Ziębińska

Lighting design

Jan Černohorský

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Children , Adult


Lucie Černá