Tumor: carcinogenic romance

They live their lives. And suddenly, destiny wanted it; their paths met. From now on, nothing will be as it was. From now on, everything will be different.
Maybe they should finally start talking. There must be a reason why they met. During this shared journey, they will need to tell each other a lot. Maybe they will finally understand each other. Understand the whole thing. Oh, I just wish for everything to be as it was before... But it never will be again.

Tumor: Carcinogenic romance is a strongly sensorial performance that connects movement, words and visuality. Based on the claim that every era has its own disease and taking cancer as THE one, T.I.T.S. examines the connection between tumors and our society. Tumors and their manifestations are considered from somatic, psychological, social and spiritual points of view. How do we experience the society in which we live? What phenomena suspiciously mimic the behaviour of cancer? Can we love something that threatens our life? Can we talk about cancer while engaging with poetry, beauty or even humour?

Audiences will encounter a tumor as humour, a tumor as a motor and cancer as a dancer. Come experience an epic journey in search of love and peace with the most unimaginable partner.


English subtitles available

Audience: adult, children 13+

About the company

An independent, international group, T.I.T.S. began to form during the members’ studies at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. T.I.T.S. often works in non-hierarchical constellations with ideas developed collectively. Their work explores the possibilities of hybrid theatrical forms between play and choreography, sound, image and body. As the artistic leader, Nela H.Kornetová usually initiates T.I.T.S.’s audiovisual projects, focusing on topics the audience can relate to instinctively.

Established in 1967 as an alternative to official, state-sanctioned theatre, A Studio Rubin is an underground theatre in the centre of Prague. From the 1960s to the present, significant Czech and Slovak theatremakers have operated out of the theatre’s cellars, including Czech film and theatre director Evald Schorm; Ondřej Pavelka, a founding member of A Studio Rubin and an actor at the National Theatre; national theatre actress Eva Salzmannová; Petr Kolečko, one of the most significant contemporary Czech playwrights; Viliam Klimáček, an important Slovak playwright; Daniel Špinar, the current Artistic Director of the National Theatre’s Drama Ensemble and Jan Frič, director of the National Theatre.

Theatre / company

T.I.T.S. performance group & A Studio Rubín / T.I.T.S. & A Studio Rubín

Czech title

Tumor: karcinogenní romance


T.I.T.S. & Dagmar Fričová


Nela H. Kornetová


Nela H. Kornetová & Jaro Viňarský


Ondřej Sifon Anděra


Dagmar Fričová & Lucie Ferenzová

Stage design

Jan Hajdelak Husták

Costume design


Lighting design

Jan Hajdelak Husták

Length of the performance

90 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Adult , Children


Divadelní noviny nomination for the best performance of 2020 in the Dance and Movement Theatre category; Thalie Award nomination for the best Alternative Theatre performance of 2020 for Nela H. Kornetová


Nela Husták Kornetová