The Depths

We’ll definitely be baking a mask! The rest will be assembled on the head and welded together using a red-hot pan. Or glued together with eggs. Then there will be an Assyrian made of snails. And clothes-iron shoes – hence the need for a circuit breaker. And a basket-maker and straw-weaver and their tools and musical instruments. Looks like it’ll be a concert, actually! The Old Testament as a source of inspiration and support for drilling, grating, and blanching. A life-and-death struggle in shouting and hollering. A conflict over three arrows. Sacrifice as a path towards peace. As long as nothing is underestimated. Let us now eat and drink in order to become one with our roots! Our ancestors are our roots. And we are all balls! (Meaning testes!) We love our ancestors, but we regularly underestimate etiquette and overestimate boot-licking. What a shame... Still, if Job could do it, anyone can! Which probably means us as well. But don’t piss off the tree-demon, or it’ll be the end of us. Welcome to The Depths, where even the gods aren’t so special and we humans don’t always make it to the surface in time.

Audience: adult, children 10+

About the company

Wariot Ideal has been an important player on the Czech alternative art scene since 2009. This creative collective has produced many unique works, all of which contain striking visual and musical components. Wariot Ideal creates works for both adult and young audiences and is based at Alfred ve dvoře (Alfred in the Courtyard) Theatre in Prague. The collective regularly participates in important festivals and their productions are also presented abroad. Wariot Ideal has a fixed composition of creatives, with actor and mime Vojtěch Švejda as a key player. Švejda has worked with the National Theatre and, in 2009, was nominated for an Alfréd Radok Award. In 2012, he received the Czech Theatre DNA Award for outstanding representation of original Czech theatre abroad. The other members of Wariot Ideal are musician and composer Jan Kalivoda, who has created the music for many of the collective’s productions, lighting designer, scenographer, and amateur filmmaker Jan Dörner and production manager Milena Dörnerová. Together, they create original works ranging from improvised programs to movement theatre, pantomime, physical theatre and full-length dramatic performances. 

Theatre / company

Wariot Ideal

Czech title



Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda


Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda


Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda


Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda


Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda

Stage design

Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda

Costume design

Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda

Lighting design

Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda, Šimon Janíček

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Milena Dörnerová