The Propane Punk Show

"Our Wheel is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Fuelled by propane and desire
Come and join the ring of fire."

A co-production with flow arts company Blackout Paradox, acrobats and performers, The Propane Punk Show features balancing on a big, fiery wheel, acrobatics on a rotating trapeze and a fire show with lots of pyrotechnic effects. A simple story unfolds around the giant MansterWheel, a double acrobatic wheel that is gradually assembled. It all begins with one cage; the other one is replaced by an acrobatic trapeze, as, meanwhile, in the other cage, a performer moves freely through space. The whole show is accompanied by pumped-up music. 

The Propane Punk Show premiered in July 2021 at the Carnaval  Sztukmistrzów festival in Lublin, Poland. 

Audience: adult, children 5+

About the company

MansterVille is a fiery propane-punk concept theme park. It is both an interactive gallery and an environment for almost any kind of artistic production. All the objects are crafted in genuine Propane Punk style by Vojta Štulc. MansterVille is also a well-coordinated team that creates conditions for collaboration with performers, lecturers and other creators. We offer a wide portfolio of our own daytime and evening activities and performances. MansterVille also hosts different kinds of events: fire shows, circus shows and workshops, performances, talks, parties and more, and works site/event-specifically with artists of different skills. 

Kids and grown-ups can run around the clock like hamsters in the giant MansterWheel. Our geodesic dome can become anything from a badass music stage to a kid's corner with swings and toys for our smallest visitors. Our objects can combine to create a unique ambience, or stand out as individual installations. 

Theatre / company


Czech title

Propane Punk Show


Vojta Štulc


Vojta Štulc


Vojta Štulc, Blackout Paradox


Petr Rachman


Michaela Hradecká

Stage design

Vojta Štulc

Costume design

Sandra Brizeeová

Lighting design

Linda Lomozová

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Linda Lomozová