Frankie the Armless

A grotesque tale about a boy who couldn’t hug his sweetheart.

The stork that carried him to his parents had bitten off his arms, so Francis was born without them. Nevertheless, he brims with sincere enthusiasm that is totally contagious, even at times when optimism is the only wealth he has left. He learns to do everything a boy needs to do with his feet: to pick up a stone and throw it over the church, to fly a kite, to flick marbles and also to fight. The girls at school are wearing shorter skirts, Frankie has just received an offer from a freak show and more cripples are coming back home from the front. Set against the backdrop of modern Czech history, this pitch black comedy is based on real events. Focusing on the tense moments of Frankie’s life, it tells the story of a stubborn man seeking to break free from his fate and environment in a great fight for human dignity.

About the company

Pod Palmovkou Theatre’s repertoire is designed to appeal to a wide range of theatre-goers across generations and deals with subjects that are – or should be – social, cultural or artistic talking points. The theatre was ranked highly in several categories of recent years’ prestigious theatre awards, including the Theatre Critics Awards’ main prize Theatre of the Year (2018) and Theatre Production of the Year (2018) for Measure for Measure, directed by Jan Klata.


Theatre / company

Pod Palmovkou Theatre / Divadlo pod Palmovkou

Czech title

Bezruký Frantík


Tomáš Dianiška and Igor Orozovič


F. X. Kalba


Marek Zelinka


Ivan Acher and Igor Orozovič


Ladislav Stýblo

Stage design

Lenka Odvárková

Costume design

Lenka Odvárková

Length of the performance

105 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available


Children , Adult


Nomination, Theatre Critics Awards for Best Original Czech Play, 2019 Winner, Theatre Critics Award for Best Actor, 2019 (Jakub Albrecht)


Barbora Prokopová