outside the box 01

Created by Andrej Kalina and Milan Kozánek, members of Slovakian art group Honey and Dust, this work is inspired by abbot Gregor Johann Mendel’s legacy as the researcher who discovered the laws of heredity and laid the foundations for the scientific field of genetics. Outside the Box 01 is the first in a planned series of performances focusing on the borders between scientific and artistic exploration. Instead of taking a biographical approach, the work offers an encounter with the unique legacy of scientific thought unlimited by the assumptions of its time.

Audience: adult, children 12+

About the company

Honey and Dust work between artistic forms and genres, creating theatrical performances, concerts and installations for theatres, galleries and concert halls. The work is grounded in complementary art, an artistic language based on the symbiosis of expressions, with performers moving between the roles of musician, artist, actor and dancer. Honey and Dust aim to discover new approaches to creative expression through lively dialogue with diverse artistic communities and approaches. The overlap of art-making strategies with interrelated approaches from biology, psychology, philosophy, history, physics and genetics is an important part of Honey and Dust’s creative practice. In this way, complementary relationships exist at the level of both form and content.

Theatre / company



Andrej Kalinka, Milan Kozánek


Andrej Kalinka, Milan Kozánek


Milan Kozánek


Andrej Kalinka


Milan Kozánek

Lighting design

Jonáš Garaj

Length of the performance

90 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Slovak , Subtitles available


Adult , Children


Soňa Borodáčová