Laterna Magika

Laterna Magika was the world’s first multimedia theatre. Today, it is one of the ensembles of the Czech National Theatre and is based in the building of the New Stage of the National Theatre. With its unique approach to theatrical lyricism, Laterna Magika has established an international reputation. The basic action that shapes it to this day is the search for ways to achieve a synthetic theatre that is able to tell a story using a variety of means, particularly through multimedia projections combined with live acting on stage. The basic principle, the interactive connection of film projection with movement and acting, has gradually been supplemented by new technologies, such as digital projection and new media, including real-time programmable software. In the Laterna Magika productions, genres have been interlinked since the beginning: from drama acting, through dance, ballet and black theatre, to pantomime, acrobatics, and the new circus.