Music and Dance Faculty

Originally established as the Department of Dance as part of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 1945, today the Dance Department is a part of the Academy’s Music and Dance Faculty. Study programmes are offered in three fields – Dance Education, Choreography, and Dance Theory – at the bachelor’s (3 years), continuing master’s (2 years), and doctoral (3 years) levels. Dance Education can be focused on either Classical Dance, Modern and Contemporary Dance, or Folk Dance, and there is also a part time bachelor’s programme option. At the master’s level in the field of Choreography, there are two directions to choose from: either Choreography and Music Direction or Dance Production and Management. The Department of Nonverbal Theatre, also a part of the Music and Dance Faculty, offers an education with a broad spectrum of possible applications in the professional artistic sphere, mime, physical and nonverbal theatre, new circus artistic disciplines, at all three levels of study (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral). All courses can be provided in English.

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Academy of Performing Arts in Prague Music and Dance Faculty: Dance Department and Department of Nonverbal Theatre