Bazaar Festival

The international Bazaar Festival features progressive performance works by dance and theatre innovators who remain a healthy distance away from official culture and are risk-takers. The festival programming is focused mostly on makers from the independent stages of Central and Eastern Europe and, when possible, also the Middle East, whose work is a reaction to the social or political situation in their communities. The programme aims to bring in creative personalities who work collectively or collaboratively while maintaining a high level of artistic quality and creative boldness. Since the festival’s first edition in 2015, Bazaar has also been an important development catalyst for projects still in the process of being created, offering the creators of devised performances short residencies and the opportunity to show excerpts from future works at its Saturday Bazaar event. Recently our organisation has developed an environmental focus and expanded beyond just the festival aspect, and we now offer art residency programmes, symposiums, and an arts and environmental science research project entitled The Nature of Us (


Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický


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