Code of Conduct

PerformCzech embraces a strong desire for learning and artistic quality stemming from a developing, listening and co-creative process for everyone involved. To create this requires safe rooms with trust, creativity and kind energy.

PerformCzech has the ambition to be, with and for all participants. To achieve this, we wish that all people who will participate in the Digital Leap – Module 1 can stand behind this Code of Conduct by signing up for:

  • To treat everyone with respect;
  • To be honest and straightforward with what is important to yourself and others, both in final delivery as well as in your personal daily form;
  • To be open to influence and being influenced;
  • To give constructive criticism without judgment.

Diversity is enriching

  • We need each other;
  • We appreciate different.

I take responsibility for communicating:

  • When I need to change my own planning, schedule, process, assigned responsibilities or mandate;
  • If I see something that may be a safety deficiency in the work environment, workplace or organization. For me or someone else.

If these are not followed, I accept that this may lead to me not being part of completing the project or participating in a possible continuation of the project.

Questions, complaints, suggestions for adjustments or additions linked to this Code of Conduct are sent to Eva Cíchová, E, M +420 777 882 016.


Eva Cíchová

M +420 777 882 016