Reality Surfing

Reality Surfing is a non-narrative visual performance, which invites the audience to experience an alternative model of coexistence between people and inanimate entities. The performance discovers new relationships between everyday objects through their materiality and presence in a single space, where they take on a value equivalent to the presence of a human body. The scenography of the piece comprises a system that exists and functions in its own right. It both serves and requires service; it absorbs and triggers. Its geometry is meaningless, but also conveys a feeling of destruction. The authors invite the spectators to let go of rational logic and surf into a new reality composed in collaboration with sponges, oranges, machines, ghosts and other unexpected species.

Each of us assembles our own small worlds with the objects and knowledge available, using random fragments of reality as stones to build a wall against the wind. When that wall falls, we find ourselves in a landscape of vapour that unites the collapsed pieces into a new creature. Here, accepting the terms and conditions means we can surf from a cardboard box to a dolphin’s fin. Here, there are moments of entropy and freedom, whether or not we're locked up, locked down or just alone with ourselves and our surroundings.

Audience: Adult, Children 3+

About the company

PYL is an international collective of artists who devise together in the fields of postdramatic theatre, visual arts, sound and intermedia. Their practice explores the borders of anthropocentric perception in dialogue with objects and ironic attempts at grasping nonhuman agency. Through the application of DIY methods, recycling and compilation principles, the group develops its own visual language, which extends the meanings of scenography far beyond the theatre stage. Their works shift the cultural codes, contexts and origins of regular things while transforming objects into beings and beings into objects. Sensitivity towards the everyday and sharing moments and personal experiences in non-linear and playful ways transmit the group's associative approach towards the coworking process. 

Theatre / company


Czech title

Reality Surfing


Světlana Silič, Maria Komarova, Anna Romanova, Theresa Schrezenmeir


Theresa Schrezenmeir


Cristina Maldonado

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Maryia Kamarova