The gaze slides across a bounded space. I am the one who determines the place — the point — the moment on the map. “HERE” — I say. I show it and I know I’m far away. I want to get closer. 

With my finger, I touch the tabletop, the paper with a drawing of a structure that belongs to the past. I understand. The layers in which I find myself, to which I pay attention, from a new landscape, a new map. 

I’m with you. My heart beats with you. 

In this performance, Kateřina Szymanski works with the body, objects, material and space. Through the lenses of “distance, time and rhythm”, she invites the audience to travel between the layers of contemporary existence. HEREAFTER is a work of spatial alchemy with no prescribed narrative. Our bodies are located in the gap between subjective perception and reality; as long as we’re aware of this, we can call this moment an experience.

Audience: adult, children 13+

About the company

Kateřina Szymanski is a performer, dancer, choreographer, visual artist, researcher and guide through the world of moving structures. She has been part of the dance, movement and rhythm landscape since 2004, studying and finding the connections between the complexity of West African dance, music and culture and the European body and codes of social behaviour. In her work, social tools, directions and needs are viewed as equal to the moving body’s tools, directions and needs. Informed by her study of diverse contemporary techniques and approaches to the body, space and sound, she collects and shapes her own movement vocabulary and artistic language. Recently, she has become more engaged with the visual arts, shifting her work into the space between fine arts and dance performance and experimenting with media, installations, galleries and public space. 

Theatre / company

Kateřina Szymanski

Czech title



Kateřina Szymanski

Length of the performance

30 minutes

Stage area


Stage description

Fits to specific industrial environments, empty gallery space, etc.

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Kateřina Szymanski