As Long as We Dance

As Long As We Dance

The first in the series of dance performances that will premiere at Studio Hrdinů over several consecutive seasons, As Long as We Dance was created by the world-renowned Polish conceptual choreographer Renata Piotrowska-Auffret in cooperation with a team of Czech theatre professionals. The performance’s point of departure is our current pandemic situation, which has given death more than a single, fatal meaning. The pandemic has inflicted social death upon us, changing our habits and demanding all of our attention. As Long as We Dance is a revolt, a revolt of those who are or were in the most complicated situations: women and mothers. The performance’s feminist dimension guarantees that As Long as We Dance is not merely a product of this particularly extreme contemporary event, but an image of our society that is universally valid. Dance is the major narrative tool, although the project is conceived as a multi-genre work and radically employs spoken word and a unique, artistic set design. 

It is so fucking difficult to find the energy to comfort my daughter as I’m crying into my pillow every night. I’m that desperate.
It is so fucking difficult to have the strength to get up since my daughter’s dad got locked down sick thousands of kilometres away from us and her grandad is in the hospital fighting for his life. 
It is so fucking difficult to tell her that it will be okay.
Because I’m not sure I am not lying to her. 
I don’t know. 
I feel. 
We feel what is now.
We are alive.
As long as we dance.

English subtitles available

About the company

Studio Hrdinů is an open theatre space notable for its clearly defined dramaturgy and a distinctive circle of collaborating theatre artists. The primary dramaturgical focus is original, arthouse-style, directorial projects, with emphases on international productions and transcending the genres and boundaries of artistic disciplines. Studio Hrdinů strives for a challenging, yet relatable dramaturgy. Studio Hrdinů produces dramatic theatre productions that highlight experimental approaches and artistry.

The fundamental and most important part of our concept is to convene genuine, interdisciplinary, artistic dialogue that transcends the boundaries of time, genre, form or content. Our dramaturgy is conceived according to a superstructural approach, which results in a unique synthesis of form and content.

We are constantly seeking progressive forms of dramatic expression. Our venue’s distinct artistic profile is derived from links between theatre professionals and various visual artists. Studio Hrdinů’s commitment to stage design, graphic design and conceptual art keeps pace with other European scenes. Since we aim to enrich theatre with the fine arts, we make more space for the participation of visual artists in all our productions.

Studio Hrdinů has become a well-established Prague theatre with a successful repertory. In 2014, the Czech Alfréd Radok Drama Award named Studio Hrdinů the second-best theatre in the Czech Republic and the best theatre in Prague.

Theatre / company

Studio Hrdinů

Czech title

As Long as We Dance


Renata Piotrowska Auffret


Renata Piotrowska Auffret


Renata Piotrowska Auffret


Simon Auffret


Jan Horák and Joanna Leśnierowska

Stage design

Tereza Beranová

Costume design

Tereza Beranová

Lighting design

Joanna Leśnierowska

Length of the performance

55 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English , Subtitles available




Madla Horáková Zelenková