A Clockwork orange

Through dance and movement, the performance expresses an abstract idea: manipulation is always dangerous. This concept cuts both ways, of course: the system can manipulate the individuals under its control, or a dictatorial individual can use their authority to violate the system, bending it to their own aims. Still, this production is not just a great metaphor. The audience can follow a story full of emotions and relatable topics: the desire for love, finding one's place in society or pushing the boundaries of personal freedom. As a basic convention, the production never stages violence in a primal way. Rather, the performance is an in-depth psychotherapeutic study that explores the roots of aggression in society. It is as if the voices of the subconscious can be heard as the dancers lend their bodies to hidden demons and ingrained neuralgic points, thus materialising the intangible processes of the mind. A Clockwork Orange does not judge or moralise. On the contrary – it attempts to motivate every stage of the protagonist’s story, every movement, clarifying what leads him to sometimes problematic actions. Action and reaction; the system is taken aback by the power of an individual who rebels against manipulation. The question then becomes whether or not our behaviour, however condemned by society, reflects and is the product of the principles the system imposes through mechanical rules, and even violence, on those it seeks to control. The dancers tell the story of what happens when a personality is strong enough to control the “clockwork orange”, instead of just succumbing to it. Could dictators be a reflection of our weaknesses and indifference to what is going on around us?

About the company

The South Bohemian Theatre Ballet is an international ballet ensemble with sixteen permanent members. It is one of the four ensembles of the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice and boasts a broad repertoire, ranging from classical ballet works to contemporary dance pieces. 
Collaborating with leading Czech and international artists and directed by Lukáš Slavický, the ballet ensemble places a strong emphasis on original productions created especially for the company. The dancers are strong individuals with a sense of teamwork and have found favour with audiences and professional critics alike. The South Bohemian Theatre Ballet also regularly performs in front of the Revolving Auditorium in Český Krumlov.

Theatre / company

South Bohemian theater ballet company / Soubor baletu Jihočeského divadla

Czech title

Mechanický pomeranč


Tomáš Rychetský, Pavel Šimák


Tomáš Rychetský, Ondřej Vinklát


Ivan Acher


Pavel Šimák

Stage design

Eva Jiřikovská

Costume design

Lucie Šperlová

Lighting design

Daniel Tesař

Length of the performance

65 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




Jana Prašničková