Three Sisters

One of the most-produced plays in the canon of modern drama, Three Sisters follows the fate of the four Prozorov siblings in their small town mansion in the years after their father’s death. Nostalgic for their prestigious past, they eagerly anticipate a bright future ahead. Afraid to step out of their comfort zone, they still dream about a better life. The three sisters and their brother, Andrei, long to be somewhere they are not, to have something they don’t have, to do something they are not doing. Will they leave and head towards the dream of Moscow? Are they destined for endless dissatisfaction with their current lives? Who is actually running their household and their lives?

This play about stepping out of one’s comfort zone might represent a step outside of theatrical conventions around rehearsals and performance. A play about the courage to live generates the courage to play. Form and content merge, though experiments like these don’t come with a guarantee of success. The result (like life itself) is unpredictable and uncertain. So we’ve started rehearsing our experiment. We’ve tried to get into our characters and we’ve let them get into us. We got rid of the text, yet we were still working on Chekhov. The project was different at each rehearsal. It was the authenticity of these attempts that was important, along with the humour, so close to Chekhov’s. We have to live now, just as we will in 200, 300 years!

We have made our choice. We have stepped out of our comfort zone.

Audience: adult, children 14+

About the company

Time and again, Slovacké Theatre Uherské Hradiště exceeds the significance of the regional scene. Under the artistic direction of Lukáš Kopecký, the theatre hosts experienced directors (Zdeněk Dušek, Martin Františák, Šimon Caban), along with those from the younger generation (Michal Skočovský, Tereza Říhová, Linda Keprtová), who offer a refreshing perspective. Beyond the main programme, an alternative dramaturgical line, SloffÁCKÉ DIVADLO, offers contemporary plays in non-traditional spaces (a rock club, a school classroom). The theatre presents its work at leading festivals (World Theater Brno, International DIVADLO Festival, Slovak Pohoda Festival). In collaboration with the Municipal Theatre Zlín, it organises the ZARÁZ showcase, introducing its best productions to the professional public.

Three Sisters is directed by Michal Zetel, co-founder of BuranTeatr, former director and artistic director of Slovacké Theatre and currently the artistic director of Horácké Theatre Jihlava. His important productions include Her Stepdaughter (Jenůfa), The Golden Dragon and Cosmic Spring, all staged at Slovacké Theatre. Three Sisters represented the theatre at the international Festival Theater World Brno.


Theatre / company

Slovacke Theatre Uherske Hradiste / Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště

Czech title

Tři sestry


Anton Pavlovič Čechov




Martin Štědroň


Iva Šulajová

Stage design

Eva Jiřikovská

Costume design

Eva Jiřikovská

Length of the performance

120 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Adult , Children


Štěpán Goiš