One ingenious author, one bad actress, one good actress.

In 2021, JEDL celebrated its 10th anniversary and 30 years since the first collaboration between Nebeský, Trmíková and Prachař. We kicked off celebrations of this big double anniversary with the premiere of the play Marital History.
Love, jealousy, marriage, dreams, freedom, money, theatre. Marital History is a grotesque Western operetta inspired by the life and work of Swedish writer and playwright August Strindberg, a notorious “enemy of women.”

CAST: David Prachař, Lucie Trmíková, Anna Fialová
MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Emil Viklický (piano), Ladislav Kozderka (trumpet)

English subtitles available

Audience: adult, children 15+

About the company

JEDL’s work is based on a long-term working relationship between Jan Nebeský, Lucie Trmíková, and David Prachař. The association formally began its activities in 2011.
An original and alternative independent theatre company, JEDL is characterised by collaborations between artists and performers from various artistic disciplines (theatre, dance, music, fine art). The resulting stagings incorporate elements of various genres to create an original and unique context within contemporary Czech theatre. JEDL’s dramaturgy rests on two key pillars: transcendence - in the sense of crossing boundaries; and experimentation - in the sense of interconnection.
JEDL is also notable for the originality and highly demanding, professional nature of its work.


Theatre / company


Czech title

Manželská historie


Lucie Trmíková


Jan Nebeský


Emil Viklický

Stage design

Petra Vlachynská & Jan Nebeský

Costume design

Petra Vlachynská

Lighting design

Jiří Podubský

Length of the performance

18 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Subtitles available


Children , Adult


2021 - Theatre critics’ awards - best actor - David Prachař (Strindberg) ; 2021 - Theatre critics’ awards - best composition - Emil Viklický; 2021 - Theatre critics’ awards - nomination for best actress - Lucie Trmíková ( Siri); 2021 - Theatre critics’ awards - nomination for best scenography - Petra Vlachynská; 2021 - Theatre critics’ awards - nomination for best performance - Jan Nebeský


Miriam Čandíková