dis pla y

Expose yourself on a glittering surface and reflect your impression of me. I tremble with an embarrassing longing to slip in front of you and start laughing inappropriately. We challenge uncertainty to a duel and give embarrassment the green light. We are deadly serious, it’s the REAL DEAL BABY! But when will we be able to finally relax? This this this this play is not a play anymore.

Play, interplay, epilogue and often even defeat. An oscillation between tandem and rival positions. Support and the loss of support. Loneliness and the acceptance of the other. How easy or hard to be honest, how tempting to slip into a calculating and self-congratulatory sincerity. Dis pla y is a disjointed game of distorted, non-existent rules that reflect the contours of our volatile uncertainty.

English, German, French subtitles available

Audience: adult, children 14+

About the company

Tereza Lenerová is a Czech dancer and choreographer. She started dancing as a child; in her youth, she joined the folk ensemble Valašek and continued her studies at the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague. Lenerová graduated from The Theaterschool Amsterdam and later visited New York City, where she gained experience as a dancer. She has collaborated with several choreographers in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Her first dance piece, the duet Variable, created and performed with Einat Ganz, was selected by Aerowaves and presented at the first Spring Forward festival in 2011.
In order to experiment further, Lenerová co-founded Studio Truhlárna in Prague. There, she created her successful solo piece Swish, which was recognised as the “Dance Piece of the Year” by the international jury of the Czech Dance Platform 2017.  She was subsequently invited to present her piece abroad, including at Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Julidans NEXT 2018, Tanzmesse 2018, Tanzsolofestival in Bonn, TANEC PRAHA festival and 4 + 4 Days in Motion, among others.
Don’t Stop premiered at Prague’s PONEC theatre and received a Special Mention from the Czech Dance Platform’s jury. Lenerová has performed Don’t Stop at festivals such as Les Plateaux 2019, BoraBora theater in Aarhus, NORMA festival Ostrava and TANEC PRAHA.
Her latest piece, There Is a Sense of Being, created in collaboration with visual artist Adam Vačkář, premiered in December 2021 at PONEC. 
Lenerová often collaborates with artists from other art backgrounds. In both of her solo pieces, she worked intensively with musicians, whose work she considers as important as the choreography. She also cooperates with visual artists, filmmakers and theatre directors. In collaboration with film director Kari Sulc, she created the dance film Beating, which won first prize in the category ‘Dances with Camera’ at the Short Waves Festival in Poznan, Poland.

Jitka Čechová is a graduate of the Duncan Centre Conservatory (2017). During her studies she took part in a New York City dance internship (Professional Certificate Studies Program José Limón Dance Foundation), several research study programs on contemporary dance (Belgium and the Netherlands) and a research stay in China (CEEC Summer Dance Camp 2017), focusing on classical Chinese technique, kung-fu, interpretation and creation. She created the original performances TransFormace and Nymph, as well as a choreography for the opening of the season at the National Gallery in Prague (2015). As a dancer, she collaborated on the projects White piece (chor. Sophia Krantz, Days of Jerusalem) and Pulsar (chor. Michal Záhora). Jitka is also the founder of the Dance under the Fir Tree project (Jedlička Institute 2016, 2017).  She is currently working on the subject of art in public space and developing her ideas through a master's degree in Performing Public Space at Fontys University in the Netherlands.


Theatre / company

Jitka Čechová & Tereza Lenerová

Czech title

dis pla y


Jitka Čechová & Tereza Lenerová


Jitka Čechová & Tereza Lenerová


Jitka Čechová & Tereza Lenerová


Václav Chalupský


Maja Hriešik

Costume design

Marjetka Kürner Kalous

Lighting design

Patrik Sedlák

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Adult , Children


Czech Dance Platform Award 2022


Tereza Lenerová