Baby Opera

A journey into a new world of music and fantasy where children and adults encounter actors, singers and musicians, and all set off together on their first small/great adventures. Welcome to a world with no limitations, where you can touch everything. Who knows whether you will discover if your child is a genius? Regardless, you can expect a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the senses in a safe and inviting environment.

Although this original opera for the extremely young and their adult companions draws authorial inspiration from similar projects elsewhere in the world, such as Scandinavia, it is actually based on our own musical and theatrical roots. This playful opera was created by Lukáš Sommer, one of our most successful young composers, who comes from Dobrá Voda near České Budějovice, and librettist and director Jiří Ondra. Both artists are well-experienced in creating works for children. In the studio at Na Půdě (In the Loft), stage designer Jana Hauskrechtová has used movable objects to create a fantasy world full of colours, shapes, light and fragrances (the performance will also include aromatherapy) that the children discover together with the adults accompanying them. The classic division between stage and auditorium is replaced by a single, joint area, with the spectators included in the performance based on the principles of immersive theatre. The production also involves the actors from the Small Theatre.

Audience: for children aged 3-18 months accompanied by their families (0-100 years of age) 

About the company

South Bohemian Theatre, the cultural heart of South Bohemia

South Bohemian Theatre is the only professional four-ensemble theatre in southern Bohemia. It boasts a 100-year tradition in České Budějovice.
The theatre integrates four independent art ensembles – drama, opera, ballet, and puppet theatre. The ensembles are headed by Lukáš Slavický (ballet), Martina Schlegelová (dramatic theatre), Petr Hašek (puppet theatre), and Tomáš Ondřej Pilař (opera). In the spring of 2015, Ateliér 3D, a new creative and educational centre, was established at the South Bohemian Theatre, founded by director, choreographer, and teacher Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová. The Theatre’s current director is MgA. Lukáš Průdek.

Theatre / company

South Bohemian Theatre / Soubor opery Jihočeského divadla

Czech title

Mimi opera


Lukáš Sommer


Jiří Ondra


Lukáš Sommer


Tomáš Studený

Stage design

Jana Hauskrechtová

Costume design

Jana Hauskrechtová

Lighting design

Ondřej Šesták

Length of the performance

35 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Jan Hajšman