Thirty thousand spectators shouted his name in Helsinki in 1952, as he ran into the stadium as the first marathon runner to win his third long-distance gold medal. People all around the world know how to run, but only he managed to run to three gold medals at a single Olympic Games. 5km. 10km. Marathon. No one before or after him has done it, as long as the world’s been turning. It’s quite possible that no one will ever be able to do it again. How interesting is this achievement? How interesting is this person? How interesting are the times in which he lived? 

English subtitles available

Audience: adult, children 8+

About the company

The Minor Theatre has been associated with puppet and children’s theatre for many years. Since 2001, the theatre has experienced many important changes, particularly related to the acquisition of a new, modern building on Vodičkova Street, which received the prestigious 2002 Building of the Year award and the City of Prague Mayor’s Prize for the creation of a unique space for children’s cultural activities. Currently, the theatre aims to perform not only for children, but also for adults, thus attracting the whole family.

The Minor Theatre chooses the themes of its productions to appeal to both children and their parents, who often enjoy revisiting their childhood memories. A common feature is the original artistic and musical element, with most productions incorporating a live band. While the actors are musically competent, the company also includes professional musicians who compose music for the productions. The Minor Theatre’s primary goal is to expand its programming beyond puppetry, so it allows its directors and designers to choose their preferred means of theatrical expression. As a result, you can find productions with masks, monsters, objects, shadow theatre, projections, dummies, etc. on the programme. All the artists aim to create a fascinating spectacle, bringing unforgettable experiences to audiences. At the same time, the theatre works to reflect current events in a light, playful and poetic form. The Minor Theatre’s Small Stage opened in October 2005 as an open space for small experimental projects, one-man shows, concerts, recitals, lectures and similar events. The majority of the artistic team are graduates of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Theatre / company


Czech title



Jan Jirků


Jan Jirků


Jiří Hradil


Iva Kopecká

Stage design

Jakub Kopecký

Costume design

Andrea Králová

Lighting design

Jakub Kopecký

Length of the performance

110 minutes

Stage area


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Czech , Subtitles available


Adult , Children


2020 Thalia Award for Ondřej Nosálek in the puppet theatre category 2020 Thalia Award nomination for Johana Schmidtmajerová in the puppet theatre category Nomination for the 2019/2020 season Divadelní noviny (Theatre News) Awards in directing for Jan Jirků; 2020 Assitej Award for a significant personality in the field of theatre of children and young audiences for director Jan Jirků.


Iva Kopecká