The Man From Malta

Imitating the style of stand-up comedy, complete with dancing and drawing, this evening shows just how far we’ll go in the name of entertainment, teaches teenagers how to start a business drawing nudes and advises women on how to tame their alpha male. The Man from Malta is a rough pun and the personal story of DEKKADANCERS Štěpán Pechar, who not only acts in the show but also directs and creates distinctive choreography for it.

This is the ensemble’s first production to rely on a single performer on stage. The 80-minute one-man show reveals the comedic and artistic talents of the main protagonist, whom DEKKADANCERS fans have known mostly as a dancer and choreographer. The spoken word format dominates the show, and an omnipresent irony hovers in the air. However, dance and drawing are strong means of expression here and underline the absurdity of the individual micro-stories.

Audience: adult, children 16+

About the company

DEKKADANCERS are an open, project-based dance group and production company. Founded in 2009, during its 13 years of existence the company has produced countless productions and performances across genres and ranging from full-length dance productions for municipal and state theatre ensembles to diverse projects such as fashion shows, music videos, advertisements, concerts, balls, conferences and other corporate events. 

The group collaborates with many celebrated individuals in the arts. A specific feature of DEKKADANCERS has become the connection and cooperation between artistic disciplines, such as choreography, direction, dance, action, musical composition, song, DJing, acrobatics, scenography, light and costume design, animated photography and scriptwriting


Theatre / company


Czech title

Muž z Malty


Štěpán Pechar


Štěpán Pechar


Štěpán Pechar


Štěpán Pechar, Ondřej Vinklát, Pavel Knolle

Stage design

Pavel Knolle

Costume design

Pavel Knolle

Lighting design

Karel Šimek

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English




In the wider list of nominees for Divadelní noviny’s Production of the Year award.


Štěpán Pechar