Jola Mangpo

This performance about men and boys and their desires, feelings, strength and courage is inspired by an encounter with a Tibetan boy who climbed the highest peaks on his life journey. In Ladakhi, JOLA means suitcase. JOLA MANGPO means a lot of suitcases. Each suitcase contains a hidden problem. We are teetering on our problems, throwing them away and only to get them back again, handing them over, searching them, getting rid of them, playing with them. 
The inspiration for this performance, Odzer Stanzin, who also performs in the piece, comes from the village of Kargyak in Ladakh, India, 4,200 metres above sea level. Adversity in the form of severe burns has brought this Tibetan boy to the Czech Republic, where, thanks to the immense kindness of some people, he has undergone several vital surgeries.   
Odzer would like to take a trip back home to see his parents, siblings and compatriots, but that means conquering the mountain of problems he and his friends are fighting. You can join us on the journey.

English subtitles available

Audience: adult, children 10+

About the company

Working with children, professional artists and seniors, Dance Studio Light makes contemporary dance theatre. The company creates community theatre performances that combine professional artistic creation with pedagogical work. DS Light validates and seeks alternative teaching methods that employ the arts as a means of educating children and youth. We also carry out international collaboration projects and initiate the creation of performance projects with a social dimension. 

Theatre / company

Dance Studio Light / Taneční studio Light

Czech title

Jola Mangpo


Lenka Tretiagová, Marta Trpišovská


Lenka Tretiagová


Marta Trpišovská


Jan Čtvrtník


Lenka Tretiagová

Costume design

Tereza Tretiagová

Lighting design

Sebastian Vích

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English


Adult , Children


Lenka Tretiagová