Vassa Zheleznova

Vassa Zheleznova is a businesswoman.
Vassa Zheleznova is a mother.
Vassa Zheleznova’s husband is dying.
Vassa Zheleznova’s children are no good.
Luckily, her oldest daughter has returned from abroad and could perhaps set things right.
Is there any FUTURE for Vassa Zheleznova? 

Is there any future for us? What should it look like? “Life is more than just work,” says the current generation (as well as one of the characters in the play); “but what is life, then?” asks Vassa. We pose the same question.

Gorky’s characters have been expecting a turn of events – they’ve sensed it, but couldn’t name it or foresee the consequences. Our current situation is quite similar; we know something is happening – something must happen! – but we don’t know what or how.

It might seem depressing, but it’s actually rather comic. Or horrifying. This situation certainly allows us to play with genre, laugh at ourselves, and then wait together for the future to come – it is nigh, but we have no idea what it’ll bring about.

English subtitles available

About the company

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Theatre / company

National Theatre Prague / Činohra Národního divadla Praha

Czech title

Vassa Železnovová


Maxim Gorkij


Jan Frič


Jakub Kudláč


Marta Ljubková

Stage design

Dragan Stojčevski

Costume design

Marek Cpin

Lighting design

Přemysl Janda

Length of the performance

120 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available




Theatre Critics' Awards 2021, Performance of the Year, awarded by Svět a divadlo (World and Theatre) Magazine


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