SILENT is an audio performance for a group of audience members in public space that consists of movement/workout instructions for body and thought over the course of 35 minutes. The audio is started by one voice and continued by the next to create a series of voices that together develop one landscape of thought and movement.
SILENT responds to the Covid-19 pandemic, its impact on the public space, on closed borders and the inability to travel, on exposed vulnerabilities of our bodies. How do we as individuals in such a world connect with each other? What does the body remember and what does it forget? Can we create new bonds? Can we experience closeness in such a world? How have our bodies changed in this time? The body in the main role – in the space between loneliness and sharing. Explore a new experience with us!
The performance takes place with headphones, which will be available for everyone to borrow on site. 
The performance follows up on other activities of the international research project DANCING MUSEUMS, of which SILENT is a part. The organizer is Tanec Praha in cooperation with the Prague City Gallery and the National Theatre.

Audience: adult, children 13+

About the company

Director Petra Tejnorová used to have the group Sgt.Tejnorová & The Commando, dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová used to have the dance group VerTeDance. Everything is temporary, and so these groups disappeared as well. The interest of both artists in cross-connecting different genres and disciplines culminated in the creation of the new creative platform Temporary Collective, whose core also includes manager Michal Somoš and producer Daniela Řeháková, who participated in the most recent independent projects of both artists. In addition to projects within the platform, all founding members are also successfully involved in other activities outside it. Currently, Temporary Collective consists of photographer Marek Bartoš, musician and visual artist Dominik Žižka, and production and PR manager Júlia Pecková, with collaboration from Adina Hanáková and Roman Poliak.

Temporary Collective seeks the opportunities to explore different territories and media.
Temporary Collective is not based on permanency in terms of a permanent space or a certain theatre building but rather it builds its identity on the diverse relations and locations where a theatre and dance can take a place and on what team structures it can be created.
Temporary Collective enjoys changing structures and reacting to experimental forms which – only after that, it develops.
Temporary Collective enjoys various rhythms – some of our projects are long-term and other ones are just a short series of actions. Creation and destruction. Premiere and the last performance.
Temporary Collective is a variable and living creative organism. We like to create, form collectives based on an inner need to work and create together. Not just to persevere. Basically, that is why our name is TEMPORARY COLLECTIVE!

Theatre / company

Temporary Collective

Czech title



Petra Tejnorová, Tereza Ondrová, Sodja Lotker


Petra Tejnorová & coll.


Tereza Ondrová , Masako Matsushita ,Ingvild Isaksen, Petra Hauerová, Sally E. Dean, Fredrik Petrov, Jonathan Ibsen


Stanislav Abrahám


Sodja Lotker

Length of the performance

35 minutes

Stage description

OUTDOOR – public square with free movement of people INDOOR/THEATRE – empty studio type of venue with, no barriers or set in the space, optimal minimal dimension of the space 10m x 10m INDOO

Number of travelling persons





Children , Adult


Selected for Czech Dance Platform 2022


Daniela Rehakova