A physical theatre cleansing

LAVABO  is a physical performance with contemporary circus elements . The performance is the result of exploration of both physical and spiritual cleansing and hygiene, a transient experience connected to the body, and those moments when we are alone. 
Where does the human body end and the mind begins?
The face is one of the only part of the body we never see. The only times we see it is in a bare reflection or reproduction. 

Disclaimer: Parts of the piece contain partial and full body nudity

Audience: children 12+, adult

About the company:

The Blaha, Stárková, Menoušek trio met during their studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (KALD and KND). In 2018, they cooperated on the DÓ project – a physical-theater haiku with circus elements. In their work, they combine research of juggling and object manipulation with physical theater and dance. They search for atypical theatrical and non-theatrical spaces which are key to their productions.

Lukas Blaha is an actor, dancer, juggler and one of the founding members of the Cink Cink Cirk circus company. He has collaborated and worked with companies such as Tantehorse and Spitfire company. In his work he explores object manipulation and juggling and their connection to movement, dance, and theatre. During his studies at HAMU, he underwent stages at Die Etage school in Berlin and Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. He has worked before with director Jana Stárková during the Dó project (showcased lin May 2018) 

Jana Stárková is finishing her Master’s at the Department of Contemporary and puppet theatre at DAMU under the supervision of Jiří Havelka. Apart from working on physical and dance pieces, she also delves into public area interventions and experimental performances (such as The Dig Project). One of her most recent projects is the dance film Oměj, a look into communication between man and the city. Alongside Ondřej Menoušek she is part of the company Špatné divadlo (Bad Theatre).

Ondřej Menoušek is  a set designer and performer studying at KALD at DAMU since 2016. During his studies he has realised projects on the brink of object and puppet theatre, for example Thank you - спаси́бо, a post-apocalyptic theatre with objects, or the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. He has also worked on scenography to numerous other projects such as Moře Klidu (Sea of Tranquillity) at the Disk theatre. At present he is working on a spiritual- self development technique known as “selfie-chi”.

Theatre / company


Czech title



Jana Stárková, Lukas Blaha, Ondra Menoušek


Jana Stárková


David Herzig, Kryštof Blabla

Stage design

Ondra Menoušek

Costume design

Ondra Menoušek

Lighting design

Rufina Bazlová

Length of the performance

55 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Nominated for the jury selected showcase festival CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2020; Nominated in the jury selected showcase festival Czech Contemporary Circus Showcase 2021; "The mindfulness and the raw energy which Lukas exhibits as he moves through the various motifs and symbols of the show create an explosive mix which makes the audience absorb his every movement, desire to interpret it, fear the outcome and have immense fun all at the same time.” – Dominik Melichar, Divadelní Noviny (


Pavel Uhřík