Like Lions or The Fall and Rise of Mr. B.

An optimistic epic about success loosely based on real events.

Mr. B. is a successful individual who knows that everyone is responsible for their own happiness and responsible for themselves. Life is a competition. Competition is the pillar of society and well-being. Mr. B. can even apply his neoliberal mantra even to his new life. On the street. Under a bridge. He’s like a lion. The king of the jungle. He falls to the very bottom, but he works his way up. He will help himself. A strong individual. Individuality. That's success. Isn't it?

Subtitled "An Optimistic Epic about Success Loosely Based on Real Events", Roman Sikora’s play indirectly relates to Confessions of a Masochist. Seemingly naive humour is mixed with sharp criticism of the prevailing social ideology and makes ideal material for Lachende Bestien. Like Lions or The Fall and Rise of Mr. B. is the second collaboration between Sikora and Lachende Bestien, after Chateau on the Loire.

About the company

Founded in 2011, theatre company Lachende Bestien focuses on provocative, socio-critical and political theatre, including topics that are “in the air.” Employing a contemporary Brechtian approach of irony and detachment, the company presents both original productions and interpretations of plays by other playwrights. Lachende Bestien is currently in residence at X10 Theatre in Prague and is led by artistic director Michal Hába. 


Theatre / company

Lachende Bestien

Czech title

Jako lvi aneb Sestup a vzestup pana B.


Roman Sikora


Michal Hába


Jindřich Čížek


Veronika Linka

Stage design

Adriana Černá

Costume design

Adriana Černá

Lighting design

Vojtěch Kopta

Length of the performance

100 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons







Due to the date of the premiere, "Like Lions" has not yet had a chance to collect professional awards, in addition to very positive audience responses, only one, however, very favorable professional reflection has been published so far. However, Lachende Bestien is a well-known theater group that regularly appears in polls and nominations. E.g. in the Divadelní noviny poll for the production of the year, the Thália prize, the Josef Balvín prize and others.


Veronika Linka