A stage poem about toxic masculinity from Hipponactus of Ephesus to Donald Trump. The antiquity battles the present, the myth batteles the metoo. The story of a queen who - as is customary in ancient tragedies- en- joyed suffering for several lifetimes to come. The story of a woman who has always been on the fringes of men (theatre characters and authors). The story of a character who, in Sophocles´famous tragedy, is given the most space at the moment when the messenger describes her suicide. The production of Iokasté is an attempt at feminist retribution on this myth. It combines a contemporary poetic text with a strong movement and visual component.

Audience: adult, children 15+

About the company:

Iokasté is a co-production between the Prague City Theatres (PCT)and the Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin. Prague City Theatres are one of Prague´s most significant cultural institutions with a rich history dating bask to 1950. Beginning in 2018, with a new management headed by Daniel Přibyl as a managing director and Michal Dočekal as artistic chief, PCT consist of three main venues: Rokoko, ABC and Komedie Theatre.In addition to those  venues, activities and productions in the open air or in various non-theatrical buildings are planed. The aim is to transform PCT into a theatre institution with Inaternational connections, one that will tackle deep issues of the modern day and play an active role in the development of Czech and European theatre and society.

The Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin is one of the most significant cultural institutions in Slovakia. It is a repertoire theatre whose main object is to prepare conditions for creation and spreading of itsry.  productions. In 2024 , the theatre will celebrate its 80th anniversary.


Czech title



Lukáš Brutovský


Lukáš Brutovský


Martin Talaga


Lukáš Brutovský


Miro Dacho/Lenka Dombrovská

Stage design

Pavel Borák

Costume design

Zuzana Hudáková

Length of the performance

70 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Slovak , Subtitles available


Adult , Children


Jana Burianova