Věra was not accepted to the conservatory because she is too tiny. He doesn't even fit in the choir, his voice is too expressive for that. Věra lives in crazy times. It's not how you sing, it's how politically aware you are. Fortunately, talent always prevails. Let's follow the career of one of our most outstanding artists. Our "docu-fiction drama" is a celebration of cheeky big beat, and above all Věra Špinarová, who defied all conceivable stereotypes with her work. It tells an intimate portrait as well as an epic story of independence, intrigue, courage and the unforgettable presence of true love.

The play by the award-winning author and director Tomáš Dianiška Špinarka was staged by the Petr Bezruč Theater in its world premiere.

Audience: adult, children 12+


  • Theatre Critics‘ Award (for Špinarka) – the best Czech play staged for the first time - World and Theatre journal - 2021
  • Theatre Critics‘ Award (for Markéta Matulová for the role of Věra) – the best actress  – World and Theatre journal - 2021
  • Theatre Critics‘ Award (for Markéta Matulová) – talent of the year – World and Theatre journal - 2021
  • Moravian-Silesian Cultural Award Jantar (for Markéta Matulová for the role of Věra) – best actress – on-line culture portal Ostravan.cz - 2021
  • Nomination for the Thalia Award (for Markéta Matulová for the role of Věra) - musical (women) – Actors’ Association - 2021–2022
  • Musical-Operetta Magazine Award (for Špinarka) – extraordinary performance - Musical-Operetta magazine - 2020–2021
  • I-divadlo Award (for Markéta Matuloví for the role of Věra) – best actress of the season - i-divadlo - 2021–2022

About the company:

The Petr Bezruč Theater is one of the most artistically outstanding theater groups in the Czech Republic, as evidenced by its regular placement at the top of prestigious theater polls.

The target group is mostly young viewers, high school and university students. However, the theater is also popular with the middle and older generations. Bezruči emphasizes modern theatre, creative diversity and progression, and regularly collaborates with leading Czech directors with a distinct author's signature. The theater focuses on original dramaturgy, which includes modern renderings of classical works, discovering and creating space for new dramatic works, dramatizing and transferring to the stage interesting or "cult" works of literature or film, and last but not least also works with regional themes.

A well-coordinated and highly valued cast is also a significant advantage.

In addition to the domestic stage, Bezruči presents its productions every year at prestigious domestic festivals (International Festival of Theater of European Regions and Waiting for Wenceslas in Hradec Králové, International Festival of Theater in Pilsen or Dream Factory Ostrava). Regular performances in Prague, participation in the festival of Ostrava theaters OST-RA-VAR have also become a tradition.

Since August 2019, director Jan Holec has been the artistic director of the Petr Bezruč Theatre.


Theatre / company

Peter Bezruč Theater / Divadlo Petra Bezruče


Tomáš Dianiška


Tomáš Dianiška


Jan Gajdica (musical study), Matej Štesko (scenic music)


Anna Smrčková

Stage design

Lenka Odvárková

Costume design

Lenka Odvárková

Lighting design

Viktor Kosinski

Length of the performance

170 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available


Adult , Children


Martin Srba