The production builds on the well-known moment when children are supposed to go to bed, but discover an undreamt surge of energy and refuse to go to sleep at all.

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A poetic farce for little ones about falling asleep.

Directed by Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová, this devised production borders on poetic physical theatre and clowning and is suitable for audiences aged 3 and up. The production builds on the well-known moment when children should go to bed, but suddenly discover an undreamt surge of energy and do not want to go to sleep at all, despite their father naïvely thinking how smoothly this will go.

Riedlbauchová studied theatre direction at KALD DAMU under the supervision of Professor Josef Krofta, followed by physical acting at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Poetic physical theatre is at the heart of her oeuvre – as seen in her collaboration with the Bratři v tricku troupe. Together they have devised a trinity of highly acclaimed productions: Plovárna (Riverside), Funus and Lov (Hunting). Riedlbauchová also works as an opera director and choreographer and devises productions fusing music with poetry.

At the 2021 Mateřinka international theatre festival of professional puppet theatres for preschool children, four members of the creative team won the Governor of the Liberec Region’s Award: Veronika Riedlbauchová (direction, choreography), Marianna Stránská (scenography), Michal Kříž (light design) and composer Jan Čtvrtník (music).

Audience: Children 3+

Based in Hradec Králové, Drak theatre not only bases its work on the traditions of (East) Bohemian puppetry, but on the principle of imaginative and original devised productions for adults and children. Throughout its history, Drak has pioneered new methods and creative approaches, which have brought the theatre many awards, both nationally and internationally.

Awards and acknowledgements:

At the 2021 Mateřinka international theatre festival, Veronika Riedlbauchová (direction and choreography), Marianna Stránská (scenography), Michal Kříž (light design) and Jan Čtvrtník (music) received the Governor of the Liberec Region’s Award.


“It would be tempting to write that Bedtime! is a simple play on an everyday theme in an artistically pure performance. But that would be a huge disservice. The fact that all the movement seems simple, that the music offers precise commentary on the onstage events and the sorcery with which the light manages to transform the stage, dominated by a huge bed, in an instant, all testify to the careful work behind Bedtime!, which the creators do not need to overtly demonstrate, because it is devotedly woven into a coherent and entertaining form.” – Veronika Švecová, Hadrián – Official bulletin of the Regions Theatre Festival, 21.6.2021

“The clown slapstick Bedtime! transforms into a poetic and entertaining physical production about two children, where actors Petra Cicáková and Luděk Smadiš easily command the stage using only a bed, blankets, pillows and the principles of a well-developed shadow play, which we enjoyed doing as children with only a lamp and a wall. All of their movements appear graceful and undemanding, as if any of us could do the same without the slightest effort.” Alexandra Ratajová, Loutkářská Chrudim Bulletin – 70th edition, 3.7.2021


Theatre / company

Drak Theatre and the International Institute of Figurative Theatre

Czech title

Do hajan!


Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová, Marianna Stránská


Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová


Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová


Jan Čtvrtník


Tomáš Jarkovský

Stage design

Marianna Stránská

Costume design

Marianna Stránská

Lighting design

Michal Kříž

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Tereza Trnková